Where the driveway went and the
cats went

By definition,
pressure against the raccoon fence

opossum weave down the
hometown alleys

Children from their shadows,
and dogs

the new crop leaning and ogling having some surges.

what a way


N.B. Ghosts are cameras photographing a smaller space, then a bigger space around it. The space has people in it. I, like you, am crazy about ghosts, just as they are about us.

Their movements can be sudden and empathetic, with incision of nail, through a space, above or below, holding a hand, you suddenly discover a sandy interior, moving through a sensory deprivation experience, I took your hand and felt it slip from the room, when, if ever, do I get to – does anyone get to - proceed? 

They can be left, right. By yourself or lonely. On the road or through the meadow. With internal logic, as a cat. 

I turned my back just once to the empty space in my bedroom and now I have a ghost named Christopher.


When Christopher asks girls to dance they say yes
to krill and open their blazers

Christopher takes a step back and bends
and rushes comes

through the other side


It’s not bedtime yet, on the edge of the bed, put one foot on the headboard, one on the ground, what to want, I don’t want to go to sleep, so I say it, “I don’t want to go asleep,” to my husband, and he doesn’t turn around, it’s not bedtime yet, back at the set, release, I falter, I don’t watch television, I don’t know what is going on at the party I didn’t go to, I sit on the edge of the bed, legs spread as wide as they go, I don’t touch, just release, look back up at my husband, he is still working, I ask him, “What are you doing,” “I am working,” he says,” I look back up at him, see nothing but rivers and lakes, “Will you be working for a long time,” I ask, everything is rushing towards my side of the room, nothing is staying over there,


My name is Anna. I am 32 years old. I am spiritual. I understood what I needed to do. I had a dinner party. I invited my co-workers over because they were also my friends. Later in the evening we were filled with hope and put the cheesecake out on the table for the guests who had gathered to celebrate my promotion with us. Lovely people, they asked us many questions about our house hunting plans, but, “I forgot what to say in response! Damn,”

Then even later in the evening we went to bed and I said, “you, they were so kind asking us questions, but I forgot what I was supposed to say in response!” Damn.